Brand Platforms 

“Working with Rich+Niche has been a worry-free and transformative experience.”

Emilia D'Aversa | TransformWithEmilia.com

“Rich+Niche helped me develop an outstanding website and funnel that I'm excited to build upon.”

Patrick Donabedian | PatrickDonabedian.com

“I could not have properly launched my YouTube channel, my book or my brand website without the help of Rich+Niche.”

Dr. TJ Ahn   drtjahn.com

“Rich+Niche has become a foundational part of our business' growth.”

SJ Gooding | thedharmatemple.com

“Rich+Niche helped us create a drastically improved user experience for our website.”

Ubud Yoga Centre | UbudYogaCentre.com

“Rich+Niche helped us launch our Amazon product with confidence in our brand image.”

The Cocktail Box Co | thecocktailboxco.com

“Whenever anyone says anything even remotely related to digital marketing I send them straight to Rich+Niche.”

Paul Chung | SeoulTrainAthletics.com

Video Production

The Rich+Niche Video Demo Reel – 2018

A collection of our best video work featuring various influencers, brands and experiences.

Dharma Temple Yoga Training Promo

Sina Shalbaf, co-owner of Dharma Temple needed to promote his professional yoga teacher training program and had us produce this short beauty of a video.

Dr. TJ Ahn – Hero Video

Dr. TJ Ahn helps other foot surgeons develop their skillsets. He invited us to one of his cadaver labs to capture the event and what people thought about it. We produced this Hero Video that was well received and effective on the Facebook platform.

Howard Lau Real Estate Influencer – Hero Video

We had just 3 hours to capture footage of Howard in action in Calgary, AB. We produced this badass hero video that we distributed on Facebook to promote his local meetup.com event.

The Cocktail Box Co Product Promo

We produced a set of short, catchy product promo videos for CBC so they could enhance their Amazon product pages.

Seoul Train Athletics Launches Online App

Paul Chung, owner of Seoul Train Athletics, launches an online personal training app and has us product a short promo video for his social channels and website.